Appendix A: Authorization & Authentication

Authentication is required to make a successful API request. We authenticate using the HTTP Basic Auth. All API requests must be made over a secured connection using HTTPS.

On Vena's web application, you can obtain the username and password needed for HTTP Basic Auth by navigating to Vena Solutions, selecting the Admin tab, and navigating to the tab labeled Application Tokens.

Application Token!

If you do not have access to the Admin tab, please ask an Admin in your company for the credentials.

Add Permission!

Once you create an Application Token, assign the appropriate Application Permissions in the Token Permissions section.

Token Credential!

You can now retrieve your token credentials to use for authentication and making API requests.

Use the values of the token as follows:

  1. Username is your apiUser from above, and
  2. Password is your apiKey from above

Option 1
If using curl commands, include the username and password by adding -u {username}:{password} to your request.

curl -u 1112140681100620800.1:51fd255f934040888f98d2a74d1c4391

Option 2
Or, if using an API tool (such as postman), add Basic Auth and use the username and password.

Step 5!