Get Job

This section describes the endpoint used to get information about an ETL job.

Authentication & Authorization

  • Use application tokens to authenticate your request using these instructions: Authorization & Authentication
  • Required application permission on Permission Token: Read Model


Request URI

GET https://{region}{jobId}

URI Parameter

Name Required Type Description
region Yes string The name of your region (e.g. "us1")
jobId Yes string The job ID (18 or 19 digits)


Name Type Description
200 OK ETLJob A Vena template with steps information


Sample Request

curl -u 1112140682300620800.1:51fd255f934040649f98d2a74d1c4391

Sample Response

Status code: 200

"id": "1193658473950284544",
"name": "LoadGL",
"status": "EDITING",
"modelId": "988930839071293441",
"modelName": "Financial Model",
"createdDate": "1623338765403",
"updatedDate": "1623338873829",
"userName": "Admin User",