Load File to Specific Input

This section describes the endpoint used to upload data to a single ETL step of a job without executing the job.

Authentication & Authorization

  • Use application tokens to authenticate your request using these instructions: Authorization & Authentication
  • Required application permission on Permission Token: Update Model


Request URI

PUT https://{region}.vena.io/api/public/v1/etl/jobs/{jobId}/inputs/{inputId}/file

URI Parameter

Name Required Type Description
jobid Yes string The job ID
inputid Yes string The input ID of the ETL step


Content-type: multipart/form-data

Request Body

Name Type Description
file (the value must be the same as that of the partName in the metadata) file File path
metadata JSON Metadata of file to be uploaded. The information stored in the JSON is described in the table below.

Metadata Fields

Name Type Description
partName String Field name for storing file in request body.
fileFormat CSV, PSV, TDF Type of file to be uploaded.
fileEncoding UTF-8, UTF-16, Windows Latin-1 The encoding of file to be uploaded.
fileName String File name


Name Type Description
204 No Content N/A N/A


Sample Request

curl –-location -- request PUT 'https://us2.vena.io/api/public/v1/etl/jobs/1113346477561741312/inputs/111438645660745728/file'\
-u 498265219441623040.498264904105459712:db30a250930e4b1e975c7a3f139bb7bf \
--form 'file=@"data.csv"' \
--form 'metadata="{\"input\":{\"partName\":\"file\",\"fileFormat\":\"CSV\",\"fileEncoding\":\"UTF-8\",\"fileName\":\"data.csv\"}}"'

Sample file and metadata

{"input": {"partName": "file", "fileFormat": "CSV", "fileEncoding": "UTF-8", "fileName": "data.csv"}}

Sample Response

Status code: 204 No Content

"id": "1099180598582312960",
"name": "LoadGL",
"status": "CANCELLED",
"modelId": "988930839071293441",
"modelName": "Financial Model",
"createdDate": 1623338765403,
"updatedDate": 1623338873829,
"userName": "Admin User"