Start with Data

This section describes the endpoint that allows you to create a job, upload JSON data, and start the job in one simple combined step.

Authentication & Authorization

  • Use application tokens to authenticate your request using these instructions: Authorization & Authentication
  • Required application permission on token: Update Model


POST https://{region}{templateId}/startWithData

URI Parameter

Name Required Type Description
region Yes string The name of your region (e.g. "us1")
templateid Yes string The template ID (18 or 19 digits)


Content-type: application/json

Request Body

Name Type Description
data* JSON array The data to be uploaded

*Note: Current limitation of 25MB records


Name Type Description
200 OK ETLJob A Vena job


Sample Request

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -u 1112140682300620800.1:51fd255f934040649f98d2a74d1c4391 -d '{"input": {"data": [[1, 2, 3], [4, 5, 6]]}}'

Sample Payload

"input": {
"data": [
["1", "2", "3"],
["4", "5", "6"],
["7", "8", "9"]

Sample Response
Status Code: 200

"id": "1099180598582312960",
"name": "LoadGL",
"status": "RUNNING",
"modelId": "988930839071293441",
"modelName": "Financial Model",
"createdDate": 1623338765403,
"updatedDate": 1623338873829,
"userName": "Admin User"

Note: "createdDate" and "updatedDate" are in Epoch Unix Time. You can use a conversion tool here to convert the timestamp to a standard MM:DD:YY, HH:MM:SS format.