Vena Solutions: Public API User Guide V1.2

Getting Started with the API

API Version V1.2


The Vena API is a REST API that allows users to

  • Retrieve template information
  • Upload files to steps
  • Create jobs
  • Edit jobs
  • Run jobs


To use the API, you will need to get a username and password (i.e. application token) from Vena.
See Appendix A: Authorization & Authentication for more details.

Know your region

Every API endpoint requires you to know your region. You can find your region by logging into and viewing the region listed in the URL.

List of endpoints

There is no set order to these endpoints, although you may need a piece of information from one to run another.
E.g., to run Get Template, you will need a template ID which you can retrieve from List Templates.

  • List Templates
  • Get Template
  • Start With Data
  • Start With File
  • Create Job
  • Get Job
  • Get Job Status
  • Cancel Job
  • Load File to Specific Input
  • Load JSON to Specific Input
  • Submit Job


If you are running into any issues/errors, please refer to the Troubleshooting section to try and figure out what might be wrong.