Vena Terminology Used in APIs

Intersection values

Represents the coordinate comprised of all the dimensions in a data model, where a single data value can be stored.

Example of a single intersection value:


The tree-like structure that represents the organization of members in a data model. It is used for roll-up and aggregation purposes, such as calculating totals.

Bottom-level members

A member within a dimension's hierarchy that rolls up to a parent member/roll-up member.

Parent members

A member within a dimension's hierarchy that has children dimension members who roll up to them. For example, the Division A member can have Dept 101, 102, and 103 children members in the Entity dimension.

screenshot showing different member levels

ETL Template

An ETL template is the configuration that specifies the data action that is to be executed within Vena. Once configured, an ETL template can be run as an ETL job.


Each time an ETL template is run, it is called an ETL Job. Examples of ETL jobs that may run include but are not limited to: jobs related to ETL imports, ETL exports, versioning and validation for template automation.

ETL Jobs can be tracked with an associated Job ID. The Job ID is displayed in the ETL Jobs section in the Modeler > History tab.