Appendix B: Troubleshooting

This appendix outlines a few common error codes you may receive in the response when calling one of the Public API endpoints. If your problem persists, please contact Vena Support.

Error response code Name Details
400 Bad Request Something in your request is incorrect. Please check your request HTTP method, URI and body.
401 Unauthorized You do not have the authorization to make the request. Please make sure your Authorization is set correctly with your application token credentials, and that you have permission to the entity you are trying to access or update.
404 Not Found The entity you are trying to access or update does not exist. Please make sure the entity you are seeing is in the collection (i.e. using list endpoints).
422 Invalid Entity The entity you are trying to send is invalid. Please make sure your request body is formatted correctly. Note: For startWithData there is a 10000 payload size limit.
500 Internal Server Error Something went wrong processing your request. Make sure everything in your request is correct, and try again. If this problem persists, contact Vena Support.